crimes against humanity

Recently, Dave Hodges interviewed Patrick Wood. about the ever-increasing control that the technocrats are seizing over humanity. In the interview, we expored the technocrats strategy. Most are totally unware of the process or the dangers   If you have not heard of this you are not alone! Make no mistake about it, these are crimes against humanity!

The interview can be accessed at this link. 

The Common Sense Show archives can be accessed here


Pat Wood is part of the Crimate Against Humanity Tour USA and they are traveling the US. Below is a flyer should you choose to attend an event. 

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Dr. Richard M Fleming, Dr. Judy Mikovits & Patrick Wood live on-stage! Crimes Against Humanity 9-city Tour of the USA! A cross examination of the global pandemic, the global reset and humanity's path to a Great Awakening