Retired Col. Douglas Macgregor: Washington DC “occupied territory”


Reports have suggested that Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, began unconstitutional subversion of the executive branch during President Trump’s tenure after Macgregor laid out a plan to withdraw US military forces from Afghanistan, a long-sought foreign policy objective fiercely opposed by the US deep state and military-industrial complex.


This is another windsock… This man blows with the wind. Clearly the wind moved to the left, and this man was cultivating his bosses,” said Macgregor of Milley, who began moving to undermine the legitimate President in late 2020 when it became clear that Biden was going to be inaugurated the next year.

I think it’s very clear that the American people are not represented in Washington DC… It’s occupied territory. It’s occupied by corporations. It’s occupied and controlled by donors. 

So the American people aren’t asked much of anything, about anything- going to war, whether it’s immigration, intervening somewhere. President Trump is not someone to launch a nuclear strike against anyone. That’s absurd.

Tucker Carlson pointed out that President Trump was the first executive to sit on the presidential throne since the reign of Jimmy Carter not to launch a new war, revealing Milley’s paranoia of an imminent nuclear strike on China or another nation to be nothing more than fake paranoia intended to please the Democratic Party.

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